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    The vision of the Tendaji Charitable Foundation is a world where marginalized children and youth have access to the necessities of life, education, health care and opportunities so that they can realize their full potential. A world where poverty, human rights violations and injustice in all forms is eradicated. A world where girls and women are empowered to be equal participants in the world without discrimination, inequality, and violence. Our Foundation supports the United Nations agenda for Sustainable Development Goals which is a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. Our vision is one that involves a culture of compassion and active citizenship that inspires and enables individuals to contribute their ideas, skills, and talents to develop strong, equitable and thriving communities.

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    The Tendaji Charitable Foundation’s mission is to create empowering opportunities for marginalized children, youth, and women. The Foundation helps the people we serve by providing practical assistance in poverty alleviation and also by providing training and educational opportunities so that people can reach their full potential. We achieve our mission through our programs, services, and initiatives to make the world a more inclusive and equitable place. We assist marginalized children, youth, and women in Canada and abroad by helping to:


    • Alleviate poverty and provide the necessities of life.

    • Provide access to training and educational opportunities.

    • Facilitate girls' and women's empowerment.

    • Counteract gender-based violence and human rights abuses.


    The Tendaji Charitable Foundation supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a call for action by both developed and developing countries to recognize that ending poverty goes in conjunction with other strategies. These strategies include improving health and education, reducing equality, and increasing economic growth while dealing with pressing socioeconomic and environmental issues.

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    Governing Values  

    The Tendaji Charitable Foundation has a set of governing values that guides the leadership, the board of directors, our volunteers and the way that the Foundation operates its programs, services and initiatives. The governing values of the Tendaji Charitable Foundation are: 

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    Social Justice


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    (Resources and Environmental)
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    Respect for Human Rights


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  • Objectives

    The Foundation will be a catalyst for social change by providing innovative programs, services, and initiatives in the four core program areas. They are:

    • poverty alleviation
    • education and training
    • girls' and women’s empowerment
    • counteracting gender-based violence and human rights abuses.

    The Foundation will foster, collaborate and initiate partnerships with organizations in the voluntary, public, and private sectors in order to fulfill its vision and mission.

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    Poverty Alleviation

    The Tendaji Charitable Foundation provides programs, services and initiatives that assist in poverty alleviation. The Foundation provides assistance to the people it serves by providing the necessities of life including support for shelter, food, water, and clothing.


    In Canada, the Foundation focuses its poverty alleviation programs on assistance for people who are unhoused or homeless, precariously housed, low income and are marginalized.


    According to the United Nations, about a billion of the world's population lives on less than $2 USD per day. In addition to Canada, a percentage of the Foundation’s poverty alleviation programs will help marginalized children, youth, and women in the developing world.

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    Provide Training and Educational Opportunities

    The Tendaji Charitable Foundation provides training and educational opportunities for marginalized children, youth, and women. The educational supports the Foundation provides includes things such as school supplies, school uniforms and fees in primary and secondary schools in Canada and abroad.


    Around the world, millions of poor, marginalized children, and youth, do not have access to education. In fact, 129 million girls do not attend school worldwide. The Foundation will provide assistance to children and youth (boys and girls) under 18 years of age with supports for school, training, and educational opportunities with a focus on girls

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    Facilitate Girls’ and Women’s Empowerment

    The Tendaji Charitable Foundation works to empower girls and women through its education and training programs and leadership opportunities to combat gender inequality. Gender discrimination translates into inequalities, injustices and marginalization in many different spheres including in education, employment and in the domestic sphere.

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    Counteracting Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights Abuses

    Girls and women are disproportionally the victims of gender-based violence and human rights abuses. The Tendaji Charitable Foundation will develop programs and training initiatives that counteract gender-based violence.